Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Time is of essence in criminal offense allegations. Your lawyer might need several days to collect all the important pieces of information needed to run a strong case. However, a shortage of time does not mean you should hire any lawyer that you come across first.

You should fully interview and analyze your criminal defense lawyer before hiring him. That us because your life can be in his hands in the case you might be facing.

But what should you ask? Well, here are some of the beat questions that you should ask your lawyer if you want to hire a good criminal defense attorney for the job.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

This question should be asked before anything else. In criminal law, experience does matter a lot. An experienced lawyer might have connections in the local legal system which he can use to earn you some benefit in your case.

Additionally, hiring an expert lawyer that only specializes in criminal defense cases is your best bet.

Will You Go to Trial?

Most of the criminal defense cases are usually settled with a plea bargain. But avoid hiring a lawyer who prefers to settle every case without going to trial. This type of lawyer might not have a good experience of handling trials.

If you have a case in which trial is imminent, then look for a lawyer who has a good experience of handling trials of criminal defense cases.

How Much Will You Charge?

Flat fees is charged in criminal law usually, this can either be within a specific range, or a flat fee. There might be other fees added to the final bill.

Before hiring criminal defense attorneys in Boston, make sure that the fees part is settled. This helps in avoiding misunderstandings later on.