Best Places to Find Used Car Engines

There might be various reasons for you to swap your old car’s engine and place a newer used car engine in your vehicle. Before buying a used car engine, first of all you’ll need to make sure what type of engine you need, what additional spare parts wound by needed to fit the engine perfectly in your car and so on.

When looking to buy an engine, see and write down the VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) of your vehicle for added convenience down the road.


eBay can easily be regarded as the biggest online market for used car engines, various websites also support eBay and narrow down different categories for the buyers for added convenience for example, is specifically made to help the used car engine buyers find JDM engines.


Thanks to the eyeballs the social media is getting these days, Facebook too has developed itself as a good marketplace for used car engines. While Facebook ads are a paid way of selling used car engines, posting your engine for sale is absolutely free and the communication process is really easy too. There is no fees involved either.


The website is a desirable place for the people looking to buy used car engines and other spare parts. You can go through a large collection of all the available engines on their website and select the perfect one according to your project.

A well spoken customer service, extended warranties and other features like these make this website a prime destination for the people looking to buy used car engines.

SW Engines

SW Engines is one of the largest marketplaces of used car engines in the United States with one of the highest customer satisfaction ratios. You can buy used car engines from SW Engines to find the best quality engines.