Golf And Golf Courses

Golf is a cross country sport which became popular very quickly after it was introduced. It’s not just a basic club and ball sport as it requires a lot of dedication and skill. It is played on golf courses spread on huge acres of land. Even though it is not necessary to make huge golf courses, they are usually huge.

The Sport

It is played by hitting a series of balls from particular starting points called teeing grounds. There are holes in the golf courses and the player strikes the balls aiming for it to hit one of those holes. The ball is hit with club that are hook shaped from the bottom and aimed at the holes. The player whose ball hits the holes in the fewer strokes, wins the game. The player uses a series of clubs to hit the ball and win the game.

Golf Courses

Unlike other major sports, golf is usually played on arrange of terrains. It is played on rough terrain having longer grass than usual to test the stoker’s abilities. It is played on sand dunes and even on the roughest terrains having water and rocks. This is very unlike of other sports. If you want to know more about golf courses and what kind of courses there usually are, then head over to kurt chrisler blogs to view their golf courses.

Along with golf courses, this sport also differs when it comes to the players approach and practice. Unlike other sports, it is approached with patience and intellect more than anything else. The player has to keep the distance, the weight of the feather like ball in mind while hitting it. This is a sport that keeps the players intellect and skill in check too as it requires.