Here is How You Can Prevent Ice Dams From Forming

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Although ice dams are one of the most common roofing problems in the snowy areas, it can be eliminated and prevented from forming again by using proper methods.

Here is how you can prevent the ice dams from forming on top of your roof.

Keep Your Roof Cold

Ice dams form on the roof with leaking heat. When this heat escapes from the roof, it causes the snow to melt and form ice, which then acts as a template for rest of the ice to accumulate and form an ice dam. A faulty roof attic is the biggest cause of ice dam formation. If your attic leaks heat, this cam cause the ice to melt and form snow.

When you have proper insulation in place, your roof will only have a thick blanket of ice after a snowfall, on the other hand, you’ll ne able to notice melted ice soon after the snowfall in a warm roof. Icicles can also start forming, and they further indicate the formation of ice dam.

Insulate Your Attic in a Better


In a normal home, most of the heat is leaked from the ceiling into the attic, and then it causes the formation of ice dam by warming the roof. So, before the winter season and especially the snow season, try to repair any leaks and properly insulate your attic to prevent any further leak of heat.

Add Ventilation

Installing an attic ventilation can help keep the attic cold by constantly pumping out the hot air and by allowing the cold air to come in. Avoid doing this by yourself and hire good roof installation services  and repair services in your area to get the thing done as soon as possible. This will be your only chance to prevent the formation of ice dams on your roof.