Learning Yoga For The First Time? Try Out These Easy Poses

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If you are brand new to yoga, then you should first introduce beginner exercises to get your body accustomed to the basic movements and actions. Once you master these basic movements you would become flexible enough to take on most advanced poses. There are up to 300 different yoga poses, which makes it complicated for a novice individual to shortlist essential exercises they should learn. Here are some of the poses most beginners should try out.

Mountain pose is always the first exercise that you would be taught in local yoga centers, as it gives you a better body-awareness and you feel a connection with the earth below you. You can start by standing with a firm posture on the ground with your feet evenly spaced. Make sure to draw your chest upwards while pulling your shoulder blades together. The abdominal muscles should also be engaged while you are inhaling and exhaling air into your lungs into a controlled manner. Your toes should maintain their contact with the floor along with your heels throughout the time. If you are looking to learn from the best yoga teachers, then visit Marianne Wells Yoga School now

Our body’s natural erect posture tends to be affected when we remain inactive for longer periods throughout the day; therefore you need to incorporate exercises that would help you bring those rounded shoulders back to their original position. Plank is undoubtedly an ultimate core exercise that pretty much targets all the muscles in your body, and it is beneficial for the flexibility of your hip and spine. You can do it by balancing your body weight on your elbows and toes while ensuring that you don’t arch your back.