Places in Which The Cell Phone Jammers Should Be Used

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According to the law in most countries, the use of signal jammers is considered as a crime, that is because you can interfering with the signals and frequencies that the sim companies bought, so, you can interfering in their property. But some cheaper versions of cell phone jammers from sites like are still very popular as they have a small range, and you can use them in your own private place to jam the signals.

Here are some places in which these cell phone jammers could/ should be used for the betterment of the services.


Phones keep ringing in the theaters, and this annoys a lot of people. No matter how much we teach the people, some them would always forget to put their phones on silent mode or turn them off. Some people even pick up the calls and start answering them in the theatre, they think that is perfectly fine.

That is why a lot of theaters use cell phone jammers to block the cellular signals inside the theatre as soon as the lights go dim.


While other amenities like internet and email services are absolutely important in any office, there are almost no need to keeping your cell phone on while working. Only a small percentage of employees think that having a cell phone is necessary to get their work done. So, employers can warn the employees about unnecessary cellphone usage once, and use cell phone jammer if the issue doesn’t resolve.


If there is one place that needs a cell phone jammer to work, that is a restaurant. Some people are so busy with the cell phones that they often use it during a date. They won’t place an order for hours just because they’re on a call. They can fo outside of the call is so important.