The Role of Signage (Signs) in Branding

Every now and then we come across various signs about business that we might remember later on. Ever wondered why businesses tend to use this tool for branding? Here’s a glimpse into the role that signages play in branding.

It Helps Increase Awareness

The M that signifies McDonalds doesn’t even need a name now for a person to identify what brand it is. This is how signs help increase awareness. A sign or a logo compels a person to look up to it, be introduced to the brand and read more about it for enough time that it lingers in their minds till they actually need it. Most importantly, a sign helps in finding or tracking a business. You might not remember the name of a brand but if the logo has remained in your memory, you’ll find it.

Signs Create a First Impression That Goes a Long Way

Interestingly, a study has shown that 50% of customers are unmotivated to go for a brand that exhibits a poorly executed sign. In addition to it, 60% agreed to the same in case a business lacks a sign. If less planning and execution goes in coming with a sign, it gives a feeling that the business or the brand to the same; to be less in quality. It is for this reason it is important to choose the right company to design a perfect signage for your business. See for choosing a professional sign company in Calgary AB.  A well-thought logo would make a person think again about the particular brand without any question at its credibility.

Furthermore, signage helps in finding its potential consumers. A sign or a logo that exhibits funky, colorful and youthful vibes would automatically attract the audience of that particular age group while a subtle sign would target the people of the same mindset.

A Sign Tells Everything a Consumer Needs to Know

While driving a car or walking down the road, the time a person needs to read a sign or a banner is not significant enough to create a lasting impression. However, if the sign contains appropriate amount of significant information, it will linger onto the consumer’s mind for the future.