Tips For Getting a Bikini Wax For First Timers

So a lot of first timers have no idea what they are getting in to when they get their first bikini waxing done. While it is something that most women eventually get comfortable with to the extent of hardly even flinching when getting the waxing done, the first few times, especially the first time, can be quite the painful experience. It is a very annoying process and not one that you will be very happy with. So to help you navigate through the experience, and to help make it as minimally painful as possible, we are going be giving out a few tips on how you can go about getting your first bikini wax done in a safe way. To get even more details on this topic, you can go and visit

So the first thing that you need to know is that you always get your bikini wax done after you are done with your period. If you are planning on getting one done soon, then the few days after you are done with your period is the best time to be getting it done. The reason for this is that during your PMS week and your period week, your nether regions are the most sensitive they can ever be. At this point getting a bikini wax done is both messy and also extremely painful. So it is best to get it done after you are done with shark week.

Another thing you should know is that taking a shower before you go and get the bikini wax done is a good idea. A shower at least 24 hours beforehand is good, but a warm shower right before the waxing helps open pores and makes the process a lot wasier.