Top Benefits of Having Your Phone Carrier Unlocked

Mobile phones are supposed to be our personal devices with us having full control over them, but does this fact apply when we’re using a phone that is network-locked and can only be used with a specific sim card?

My people fall for carrier locked phones because apparently those companies offer good monthly installment packages and a discounted price, but in return, they take away your liberty of choosing a desirable network. But fortunately, you can get a network unlock code and carrier-unlock your phone to make it work with all the sim cards. Here are some benefits of unlocking your handset.

You Can Choose a Desirable Network

Many cellphone carrier companies would try and sell you a modified and locked version of a cell phone in order to keep you stuck with their services, and earn more money off you.

But if you already have a nice working phone, and don’t want to buy a new model, you can simply get a network unlock code and unlock your phone for other networks. This is a very cheap method and you’ll surely end up saving a lot of money.

No Need to Sigh Contracts

You are required to sign a contract with the network provider who sold you the phone at a discounted price, and they always make sure that they earn their money back through the very contract.

But if you have an unlocked phone, you’re not legally obliged to sign any contracts with the carrier, you can switch between different sim cards without worrying about any legal penalties of cancelling the contract.

You Can Travel Freely

Your contracted sim card carrier would add a huge bill if you ever decide to travel in the foreign countries, and guess what? You can’t even cancel the contract if you’re on a locked phone.

With an unlocked phone, all you’ll have to do is pop up a new local card and that’ll be it!