Ultimate Survival Weapon

Air rifles are the ultimate survival weapon. In care Air rifles are the ultimate survival weapon. In care of an oncoming apocalyptic event, your go-to weapon should be one of these, let me give you a clear justification for this claim. First of all, check out some air rifle reviews for yourself, if you are too lazy to do that, don’t worry, I got you, here are a few of the many reasons why:

  • They are powered by air.

This is the ultimate resource which you cannot run out of. There are air rifles which use CO2 canisters but you can find multi pump or break barrel ones which work on regular air. All you have to do it pump it, and there you go, you’re ready to go game hunting. Unlike firearms you do not require special refills or expensive ammo. It’s all pretty DIY with a free resource that you can never run out of.

  • They are pretty silent.

People spend thousands of dollars trying to convert their firearms into silent weapons, which is pretty stupid in retrospect when you consider that we already have air guns which are pretty silent by default and much less expensive in comparison. You can easily hunt multiple game without creating a lot of commotion or alarm.

  • Pallets are cheap and small.

Air rifle pallets are a highly cheap resource. With only $100 you can buy enough to last you a good few years, that is if you use a bunch every day, if not, you’re set for a long time without running out. They also happen to be very small and extremely light weight so you can store tens of thousands of them in a shoe box and carry then around with ease.

So there you go, these are just three of the many reasons why these are a good investment.