Why You Should Own a Parking Space


If you’re living a big city and commute on a daily basis, having a car is a must. This helps you move around easier, and save your sanity whenever you’re out with your kids. However, many families opt for public transport because they don’t have a parking space, and parking spaces in big cities cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year in bug cities. Many car owning families can even agree to move another residential space if you can offer them a parking space.

Renting a parking space in the main city area isn’t easy as well. Renting a car parking space can also cost you a lot, especially in the main city area. That is why you should own a car parking space of your own. Here are some solid reasons on why you should own a car parking space.

The Problem With Illegal Parking

Laws in metro areas authorize officers to tow and impound illegally parked cars. You can check with you local laws to see which areas are illegal. So, there are certain No Parking Zones which you should keep in mind while parking your car there.

Many cities also prohibit the residents from owning cars if they don’t have a garage to park their car. That is why you should own a parking space of your own to park your vehicle.

Rental Parking Can Be a Bit Expensive

Getting a rental parking space in the city can cost you a lot of money. There are facilities that charge you a flat fees for overnight parking, but that too can go upwards of thousands of dollars per year just in rental parking fees.

You can therefore own your own renting space. You can check SpaceiShare on About.me for further information on this topic.